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The Ultimate Guide to Sunrooms

The key to determining the perfect sunroom for you will depend on your expected use. Sunrooms are being used right now all over the world for hot tub rooms, family rooms, dining areas, work-out rooms, and home offices. What will you use your sunroom for?

When building our your dream sunroom, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

Step 1: Why Do You Want Premier Sunrooms to Add onto Your Home?

Knowing what you are hoping to use the room for is a fantastic way to drive the overall sunroom project. You should ask yourself the three following questions:

  • Why do I want a sunroom?
  • How do I plan to use it most of the time?
  • Is there anything else that I would like to be able to use it for in the off season?

Step 2: What Size Would Your Expected Sunroom Be?

When planning the ideal size for your sunroom, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What room am I currently using for what I want to use the sunroom for?
  • What room would I use if I had the run of the house?
  • Is this room the proper size?
  • Is there a reason to make the sunroom a bit larger or smaller?

Step 3: How Do You Want Your Sunroom to Look?

Some sunrooms come in “stock” styles and sizes. This can work for some applications, but most people find that the added benefits of a fully custom sunroom design far outweigh the slight increase in price. Nearly all of the higher quality sunroom systems are custom manufactured, due to the varied applications they can be used for.

The style of a sunroom is typically started by the roof style selected. Common sunroom roof styles include; Cathedral, Gable, or Studio. English Style Conservatories have a few additional roof style options and come in a number of standardized sizes and can be custom manufactured as well.

Gable Style – Provides luxury and comfort for the homeowner who wants to enjoy the outdoor feeling from the comfort of their 3 season or all season sunroom.

Studio Style – From floor to ceiling windows, or solid knee walls, studios are designed to easily adapt to almost any existing roof design.

Solarium Style – Enjoy unlimited views of the outdoors, and with today’s new glass technology, the summer sunlight can be enjoyed without the worry of added heat.

Conservatories – Old timey and classical, a ProSunroom Conservatory gives you valuable extra living space and brings your garden into your home, and your home into the garden.

Pergolas – Make your patio the center of attention 3 seasons out of the year. Put a grill under your pergola or just some chairs and cushions to entertain your guests in.

Step 4: What Type of Sunroom is Right for Your Home?

The most common and easy to understand terms are related to the amount of the year that the room can be comfortably used:

  • Seasonal / Screen Room: Used only on nice days
  • 2 Season: Basic glazing that works as a windbreaker
  • 3 Season: Windows and walls to provide use 9 months of the year
  • Extended Season: Vinyl glazed windows that allow for approx. 9+ months (through holidays)
  • 4 Season PLUS: Fully Insulated windows, doors and walls that are fully code compliant to be open to the rest of the home and allow for comfortable year round use

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